April 20, 2024

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Baby, It’s Cold (Or Hot) Inside!

Ever tried hibernation for winter because your heating system decided not to cooperate? Or perhaps, considered moving to Alaska during those sizzling summer months when your AC becomes as functional as a chocolate teapot? Surprisingly, these aren’t the best solutions to your residential climate crises! A better solution, we assure you, lies with ‘Childs Heating & Air,’ your friendly neighborhood comet of comfort!

Our Services – It’s Cool to be Warm and Hot to be Cool!

With us, forget about the sweaty sleepless nights or the freezing frigid frights that accompany AC or furnace breakdowns. Our top-notch Furnace Service, AC Repair and Air Conditioner Service will restore balance to your domestic universe! With us on call, your AC unit will hum smoothly and your furnace will heat evenly, all year round.

We zip around Hermitage, Old Hickory, Madison, Lebanon, Donelson & Mt. Juliet, spreading the joy of perfect indoor temperatures. Heater installation in TN you say? Consider it our superhero cape! Repair or replacement, we’ve got your AC and heater concerns covered.

In essence, stop hatching escape plans each time your HVAC system acts up. Give Childs Heating & Air a ring. It’s easier, cheaper, and involves significantly less involuntary relocation!