April 20, 2024

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Unbeatable Warmth, Unmatched Service: The Have, Inc. Story

It was the biting winter of 2008 when Have, Inc. breathed in its maiden frosty air. The founders, four long-time friends, skilled mechanics, were brought together by a shared dream: to provide homes with the warmth that they craved and deserved. Thus began the journey of a heating and cooling company that soon warmed hearts in the community.

Igniting Comfort Where it Matters

As temperatures dipped, Have, Inc. made it their mission to specialize in heater installation. Forever believers of the saying, ‘Home is where your heater is’, they set ablaze an industry known for chilly customer service. They were the warm smile on a cold frigid evening, always ready to restore the comfort of home.

Reliability That Deserve Applause

But Have, Inc.’s service didn’t stop at heaters. Furnace service and maintenance became another pillar of their expertise, ensuring families stayed warm during the coldest of winters. As the company continued to grow, one thing remained constant: their passion to provide incomparable service and a dependable source of heat.

So, when the mercury drops, remember Have, Inc. – the company that is as committed to your comfort and warmth as you are to your home.