June 24, 2024

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A Day in the Life of a Tropical Heating & Cooling Employee

I am as warm in the heart working for Tropical Heating & Cooling as the comfort we provide our customers with our HVAC services. What I love most about working for this company, however, is providing that assurance to our customers in the local Niagara F community that they are getting a licensed HVAC Contractor or Furnace Company.

A Typical Morning

My day usually starts by reviewing the day’s schedule. I look at the customers that need our assistance in heating or cooling issues. After that, it’s time to load up our company van with essential tools and parts including the HVAC unit’s filters, fans, and pipes.

Road to the job

Traveling to our various job sites throughout the day is one of the joys of my work. I get to see more of Niagara region, meet diverse people and tackle different technical challenges. And reaching out to customers quickly is a core value we uphold. You can check that here.

Our Lunch Break.. A Short Breather

My favorite part of my work day is the lunch break. I am able to connect with my team members and share our experiences. Since we are onsite, we always ensure to find a local restaurant in the Niagara region to support the local economy.

Back to work.. The afternoon Challenge

Each afternoon presents a new challenge, especially when we are diagnosing complex furnace problems. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. At the end of every day, there’s a sense of accomplishment that we’ve provided a valuable service to our community. Furthermore, we strive to maintain the respect and trust of our customers by providing genuine service. As an employee of Tropical Heating & Cooling, I promise you the kind of service that leaves you with a smile.

We embrace every day and every challenge.. because we’re not just a Furnace Company, we are Tropical Heating & Cooling.